Where are you based? 

We are based between Canberra and Sydney, but frequently travel to the Southern Highlands, South Coast, Riverina, Hunter, and beyond.

Do you travel?

Sure do. Both locally and internationally. We have been travelling the world together with our backpacks on and compasses in hand, since the tender age of 19. We are fortunate that our job allows us the flexibility to set off on international adventures each year. So get in touch - we might already have plans to head to your corner of the planet. We offer special rates for International weddings, so if you’re thinking of getting married outside of Australia, shoot us through an email and we'll do our best to work something out.

How much do you charge?

Get in touch with us for our detailed pricing structure.

We like what we see. How do we book you guys?

The first step is to contact us to ensure we are available on your wedding date. We can then organise a meet and greet up over coffee/tea to get to know one another, and importantly, ensure we are the right fit for your wedding. If you’d then like to proceed, we’ll send you a booking form to fill out and also require a non-refundable $1000 deposit to secure your wedding date.

How will we receive our photos?

You will receive your images via a personal online gallery. The gallery provides high and low resolution images for you to download and share, and will remain online for 12 months from the date you receive them.

Will the images be watermarked?

We are children of the nineties, and as much as we dig many things to come out of that awesome decade - watermarks are one thing we are happy to leave behind. Watermarks are ugly, and will not appear on our images. Fullstop.

Do you offer albums?

A sweet little flower girl came up to us at a wedding once, pointed to our cameras and asked how we get the photos from the camera to an iphone. Photos aren’t meant to be viewed on screens people! Print those precious images. Yes we offer albums, and we design them using the same approach we take the images in the first place - with  an emphasis on storytelling.

How much time should we allow for bridal portraits on our wedding day?

We recommend allowing roughly 90 minutes - 2 hours, especially if you'd like photos in more than one location (and don't want to feel rushed). 

What is ‘golden hour’? Why should I care?

Golden hour refers to last hour of light, just before the sun sets - when the sky is a blaze of pink, orange, purple and blue. It's an awesome time for photos. We encourage our couples to allow some extra for photos at this time to take advantage of the magical light (even if we steal you away from the party for just 15 minutes).

What’s a first look?

First looks are a new wedding trend that we actually kinda dig. They involve you and your love seeing each other for the first time prior to the ceremony - usually away from your guests and bridal party. From our experience first looks can be an incredibly moving moment and allow us to capture  some pretty powerful images. Seeing each other before the ceremony has the added benefit of settling your nerves, doing the bulk of your portraits before the wedding - while you are at your freshest, and stealing an extra hour or two with each other on your wedding day - which is what it’s all about, right? If you’re a traditionalist and want to save the surprise of seeing each other for the walk down the aisle - we totally dig that too.

We want to collaborate with you on another project. Do you only shoot weddings?

Wedding and portraits are our bread and butter. We do also shoot families, portraits, events, and have been commissioned to undertake commercial photography. Get in touch with us if you'd like to collaborate to make something awesome!