Hello hello

Husband and wife; high school sweethearts; each other’s biggest competitors; each other’s biggest fans.

If someone told us 10 years ago that we would go on to become wedding photographers, we probably would have laughed. Way back then Corinna was a dance costume designer, and Dylan was studying Mandarin with the goal of a media career in Asia. We’ve given up a lot for this surprising venture of ours, but have also been gifted a whole lot more.

Photography has changed the way we see the world, and introduced us to some seriously high quality humans. It changed the way we see light and allowed us to learn a little more about love. It’s taught us to stop; to pay attention. To appreciate all the messy and unplanned moments. To prioritise what is important. Relationships have inspired us; stories have touched us. We hope to create images that truthfully tell your story, help you come closer to knowing a little more about what love is, and celebrate the outrageous beauty of human connection.

We believe our images are an investment into the future. A sort of looking-forward nostalgia. One day, if you are fortunate to live a long life, you may find yourself surrounded with a new family - many of whom don’t even exist today. They’ll ask you about your past. Experiences you had; people you loved. We hope the images we create will be a catalyst for retelling an important part of your story.

We dig working with passionate and adventurous couples who open their hearts and minds, try new things, and trust us to do our thing.

If you feel a connection with our work, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you.