2017 Highlights

Twenty seventeen. The year shit got real.

2017 was a pivotal year for this not-so-little-anymore business of ours. Our workload tripled, and like any big change in life, there have been a few growing pains along the way. But we’ve come out the other end stronger and more grounded. 

We have a better understanding of who we are as artists and a clearer vision of the type of projects that make us tick. We’ve realised we’re not the photographers for everyone - and we’ve realised that its totally okay. When paired with clients who allow us the time, space and complete trust to just do our thing, we can create captivating images that truthfully tell their story.

In 2017 we were centre front as over 40 awesome couples said their forever and always’ and we delivered over 29,000 frames capturing one of the best days of their lives. We want to give thanks to all the couples we worked with in 2017. People really do connect with people, and we were deeply moved by the willingness of so many who opened their hearts and shared their stories. We’ve been humbled to have our work featured in some pretty rad publications, and we’ve made friendships with other talented humans in this crazy little industry.

2018 is shaping up to be another important step in our journey. The goals are bigger, and we can’t wait to see what our upcoming couples have in store for us. We hope it will be a year of further refining our vision and style, and pushing ourselves creatively. We’re excited to be working on some special little projects with other talented vendors, and hope to continue documenting stories while adventuring around the world.

Finally, while our eyes focus on the stars above, we thank our family and friends who continue to support, inspire and encourage us to relentlessly pursue this little dream of ours - and keep our feet firmly on the ground.

We are proud to present this small selection of images from 2017 that made our hearts skip a beat, or two. 

C&D xx